Broadcast and Production

Sony is unique in its ability to offer pioneering technology alongside a range of services and expertise, all accessible through an array of dynamic business models that help storytellers take their productions to the next level. We not only make sure our customers are keeping up with the leaps forward driven by technology, but that they’re very much at the forefront of business transformation, within the media production industry.


  • Smart controls with configurable LCD Touchscreen
  • Mix between 8 video sources + 1 Title (total 9 inputs)
  • Stream content live over the internet
  • PC, Mac & Tablet integration
  • Worldwide Full HD support
  • Record direct to SD memory card
  • Audio mixing of up to 5 channels including XLR
  • Seamless integration with Sony camcorders and PTZ cameras



  • MVS-3000A processor frame
  • MVS-3000A processor frame (Contd)
  • Switcher processor options
  • MVS-3000A Control Panels
  • MVS-3000A further options
  • Remote panels
  • Expanded Device Control
  • System Management Software